AIR+ Family | AIR+ N95 Masks- หน้ากาก n99 ออสเตรเลีย 3mn95 ,N95 Mask Micro Fan Size: S: M: L: 44mm (width) x 44mm (depth) x 18mm (height) Weight: 15 grams: 16 grams: 17 grams: 19 grams: Certification: EN149:2001+A1:2009: Recommended useReusable Respirators | PPE | 3M Worker Health & Safety ...Medical evaluation of the employee is required for mandatory use of all respirators or voluntary use of reusable or disposable respirators. 3M Online Respirator Evaluation can be used with all brands and types of respirators.

N95 and R95 Respirators - The Difference? - Major Safety

What's the difference between an N95 and R95 respirator? We go straight to NIOSH to find a straight forward answer. We also provide guidance on which one is right for your application - N95 or R95. We even talk about P95 and P100 ratings.



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