WE OFFER SEVERAL FLY FISHING ONLY TRIPS TO: Norway: Glomma river for big wild grayling. Swedish Lapland: for arctic char, trout and grayling. Funen & langeland Denmark: for sea trout. Hodalen Lakes Norway: for pike and big grayling and trout. Hardangervidda: for golden trout.

Glomma: grayling paradise

The Kvennan fly-fishing zone is without a doubt the best place to catch trophy grayling. Not only in average size but also in number. Cast Away Travel offers several packages for a week fly fishing for large grayling in a stunning environment.

glomma grayling
arctic char

Swedish Lapland

Helicopter dropping in the beautiful wilderness of arctic Sweden. Fly fishing for Arctic char, trout and grayling. Finding your way back on foot or by kayak to a pick-up point of your choice.

Hodalen Moutain Lakes

The Hodalen mountain lakes are located east of Tolga. The lakes are pure and hardly fished in. It's a paradise for the fly fishermen. Wading or from a floating tube. Pike, trout and 50+ grayling are within your reach. All this in an enchanting silence. We gladly show you around.

Cast Away Magazine

Sea trout

During the months April/May and October/November, Cast away organizes weekly trips to the island of Funen in Denmark. Our accommodation is an beach house for 8/10 persons. Maximum number of travelers is 4. So we ensure everyone has their own room.


Camp Harda has everything you could wish for. Several lakes on your doorstep and 10 minutes by car: the wilderness of Hardangervidda. Rough nature and wild fish, can you ask for more?


In April/May 2019 we organize an expedition to Spitsbergen. We are looking for 6/7 die hards to come along before we offer this trip to our guests. ‘To go where nobody has gone before’. Not with a fly fishing rod!

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